September 25, 2017-Unspeakable

Oh man… well this is my last time emailing home as a missionary. I leave tomorrow morning for Boise and will by flying out first thing Wednesday morning. My mom has asked me to write a “good bye” email summarizing my feelings and thoughts of my time here in Idaho and I have absolutely no idea what I could possible say to adequately describe the last two years of my life. I am reminded of the scripture in the book of the New Testament. In one of Paul’s letters to the people of Corinth he says, “Thanks by unto God for his unspeakable gift.”

Of course Paul is speaking of the unspeakable gift of our Savior, Jesus Christ, but as I ponder on the verse now I think of the unspeakable gift that my Father has given me. That somehow, despite my weakness, I have been allowed to spend the last two years representing my redeemer to the world. That despite all of my inadequacy, I have been able to do my best to say what He would say, do what He would do, and be who He would be.
Words can not tell the gratitude that is in my heart. My time in Idaho has meant EVERYTHING to me. It has changed my life forever and will be a springboard to the rest of my life.
I know my savior lives and that because of him we can not only be saved, but changed. We can not only return to Gods presence, but because of him we can feel comfortable enough to stay. We can become as he is. I know that God has again given us prophets and that his church stands today just as in times of old. I know these things of myself. I have fasted and prayed many days that I might know all these things. And now I do know. My knowledge is perfect in these things, and my faith is now dormant.
I love you and am so grateful for all the support you have given me. Thank you for your light and example.
Elder Wade

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September 24, 2017

Dear Wade’s,

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with your son for the last 3 months.  When they came here for dinner the last week in June, my husband, Duane asked who they were teaching?  They were trying to get started with the Bailey family.  Our ward asked us to host a neighborhood party for families in our vicinity the summer of 2006.  Baileys live in this vicinity and have come to several of these parties so we at least know who they are.  We offered to have the lessons at our home.  Elder Wade relayed the invitation and they were interested.  The following week the ward hosted our big Community Party for anyone living within our ward boundaries.  I got to dish Dutch Oven potatoes and greeted the Baileys.  I told them we would love to have them come to our home for lessons and the dad, Bill, said they would come.  Whoopee!!!!

They came the following Thursday and we loved the way Elder Wade directed the discussion.  He asked what they would like to get from our time together and what questions they had.  They agreed to come the next week, then cancelled and weren’t available the following week.  They have been here almost every other week since then.  This past Thursday, after a good object lesson (Well practiced), on repentance, they show the DVD “He is Risen” and asked what thoughts we had.  Christy said she didn’t know what to think, she had too much going on.  Elder Wade said, “We aren’t just here to talk.  We are here to help your family.  What is bothering you?”  After a few minutes, she said she had been assigned an attorney, was meeting with him Friday morning and was really nervous.  She explained a drug purchase from Jan of 2016 and is going to court over it.  Elder Wade asked if she would like a blessing, for peace of mind.  Her husband is a member but hasn’t had anything to do with the church since he graduated from high school in 1991.  He knew what a blessing was, but had never had one.  Your son gave her a beautiful blessing, telling her everything would be ok.  We are grateful your son recognized that prompting and acted on it.

Friday when we came out of the temple, I had a text from Christy.  “Okay well I thought I’d let you know I’m out of court and everything is going to be okay.”  That is a great blessing.

From our point of view, Elder Wade and Elder Bastian have worked well together, each taking a turn directing the discussion.  Your son patiently reminds his companion of times things will work and when they won’t.  We are confident that when Elder Bastian has to take charge, he will remember how things fit together with their schedule and will be able to give direction.

Six of our nine children served missions so we understand your excitement as your son returns, but it is hard to have him leave.  I told him after church I just wanted to give him a hug.  He quickly extended his hand☺  We are excited for his next stage of life.  Our oldest two grandsons are returned missionaries, attending college and getting involved in student wards.  We have two granddaughters serving missions now and love their letters.

Give your son a hug from Sister Hunt and tell him “Thanks for his service.”  Thanks for sharing him with us.

Duane and Margaret Hunt

September 11, 2017


Monday Elder Bastian and I played tennis all day on grass courts at “Kasota Park” its this sweet park thats not finished yet, but its in our area and we know the guy that owns it so he hooked us up. yeah so those pictures attached are totally posed. My comp did his best to position me so i had the right form and then took the pictures… We also played some croquet. I learned that it is not my sport.
On thursday we met with a family and we taught them about prayer. We watched a “mormon message” called “our true identity” and then talked about who God is to us, and who we are to him. I then shared how the main reason anyone will struggle with praying is because they dont understand that God is literally their father, they are his children, and he loves them. As soon as we learn that then prayer becomes natural and instinctive on our part. We then all made “prayer rocks” a prayer rock is when you make a rock and paint it and leave it on your bed so when you go to sleep at night you see it and remember to pray. I wrote “140” on my rock because 1. i cant draw for the life of me and 2. because of the hymn #140 in the church hymn book, “did you think to pray”.
Oh i wish i could tell you about all that we did this week, but i dont have much time. Saturday Mitch got baptized which was amazing. After his baptism he got up in front of everyone and shared his feelings of how He knows that the Book of Mormon is true and we have prophets on the earth today just as we did in the Bible. Oh and Larry, the guy I sent you a picture of last week (the picture where he kind of looks like he is ready to kill someone), I dont really have the time and its not my place to share it, but last night we had an experience with him where he discovered very quickly for himself that the book of mormon is true and said he wanted to be baptized. God truly does answer prayers when we are sincere and have faith.
Love you and have a great week!
Elder Wade

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one of our sisters going home (its supposed to be a joke)

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Mitch at his baptism

August 28, 2017

Hey Fam

What a fun week! Elder Bastian and I had the opportunity to speak yesterday in our church services. Elder Bastian spoke on obedience to the small and simple things and I shared some thoughts on the miracle of giving forgiveness to others (and ourselves). I discussed how we are often really good at forgiving with our lips, but we fail to forgive with our hearts. We will say and do the right thing, but privately we are filled with bitterness, hate, and bad feelings. I also shared how some wrongs that are done against us are so deep and personal that is only in and through Christ that we can be healed and have the strength to forgive.
We had four individuals all wanting to get baptized at church with us yesterday which was awesome! Mitch (in the attached picture) is getting baptized Sep 9th and has been doing missionary work with his family and friends. He brought his daughter who lives in a “neighboring”city (Kimberly) to church this last Sunday as well and has been working on helping his neighbor, Andi, (someone else we have been working with) quit smoking and has been trying to get him to church. The other day we were teaching Mitch how he can gain complete access to the gift of Christ’s sacrifice by using the manual God has given us to access that gift (which manual we call “The Gospel of Jesus Christ”) and while we were teaching he stopped us and asked when we would teach him what all the commandments were so he could start keeping them.
Then there is Ed who always walks to church with us every morning (we are his best friends & next door neighbor). He really wants to get baptized and he knows it is true, but has been having trouble quitting smoking because his wife is a heavy smoker and well they kinda live together (because they are married) so its hard for him to stay away from it long enough to get off. We have been reading the Book of Mormon with him and answer his questions to what he reads each day on his own. Last week he finished reading one of my favorite sermons from the book where a king gathers his people together to give his final words before handing the kingdom over to his son (because he is ancient and about to die). He testifies of Christ’s sacrifice and how it is only in and through him we may be saved. He teaches most beautifully about not judging others and giving to those who are in need.
Anyway, we also have Monica and her family. Her and Junior have the most adorable kids. They have twins that are 4 yrs old and they are just the best. Junior had work sunday, but monica came with one of the twins. Oh and let me tell you real quick about Ken. Ken is like 70 yrs old and likes watering his grass with one hand while shooting voles (field mice) with this mini 6-shooter in his other hand. He came to hear us speak at church. haha He looked like a new man in his purple button up. He had surgery on his knee the other week so he hobbles around everywhere and you cant help but smile when you look at him.
While I got to run, but love you and hope you choose to make it a great week!
Elder Wade

nathan aug 28 2017

August 14, 2017

Hey Fam!

What an amazing week! Last monday Elder Bastian and I went hiking and took some pictures by the snake river. While we were adventuring I found this sweet rock that someone left to be found. I was rather excited and surprisingly satisfying.
Oh man I am all out of time, but highlight from yesterday (i wish i had a picture with him), but we have someone we are teaching that is getting baptized in september who came to the church for the first time ever! He was nervous about not fitting in so Elder Bastian gave him some pants, I a tie, and a friend that is helping us teach him a white button up shirt. He was looking good. After years of being addicted he quit smoking, cold turkey, after we gave him a blessing of healing to overcome his addiction. He said ever since the blessing he has had no desire to smoke and that the smell disgusts him now. The power of God is real. Love you all and hope you decide to make it a great week!
Elder Wade

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