MTC Blessings

.. the mtc is awesome. ive actually been REALLY sick the past four days along with most of my district. even though we all felt miserable it was a huge blessing! the elders have been able to give many blessings to the sisters in the district both of comfort and for the sick and afflicted. in fact the other day i was able to give a blessing to a sister. because the words are not mine i dont remember much of what i said, but after i sealed the blessing i realized the sister was in tears and she thanked me with the greatest sincerity and went on to explain to me that during the blessing i had promised her some rather bold blessings and in doing so had almost exactly quoted a part of her patriarchal blessing. i have always had a strong belief in the power of priesthood blessings, but that was the first time that i was able to witness its power firsthand. holders of the higher priesthood really are just mouthpieces and instruments of the lord. are only job is to stay worthy of this priesthood duty so that the spirit can more fully work through us.

i love you and am so grateful for your amazing example.
Elder Wade

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