Sept. 21,2015

Hey everyone! i cannot believe how fast time has gone by its already been three weeks that i have been away from home and i feel like i just left! my companion and i are a few hours north of twin falls in a small town called arco. we cover an entire stake, just the two of us, so we are spread pretty thin. arco, which is the biggest town in our area has a population of less than 1000 people and EVERYTHING is all farm land. because the houses are so far apart tracking doesn’t really work so we spend A LOT of time doing community service which is totally awesome because the people are so grateful and it not only keeps me in shape but we also usually get the opportunity to share a quick message, which sometimes turns into a deep conversation about the gospel. the people here are amazing! many are less active members and people that are not interested in the gospel are still friendly and love talking with us.
my first full day in the field elder berke (my companion) and i were able to teach Mr. and Mrs. S. Mrs. S had taken the first few lessons and said she wanted to get baptized, but didn’t want to do it until december. we started at the very beginning with the restoration because Mr. S had not been at any of his wife’s lessons. during the lesson of the restoration i was prompted to invite Mr. S to be baptized and he said yes! after the lesson we were really feeling the spirit and i talked to Mrs. S about moving the baptismal date up and they have now committed to being baptised this saturday on the 26th! they were prepared so well by the lord haha i feel like i didn’t even do anything!
another person who i have come to love very much is a sister that we will call L. L is a new convert who has had an incredibly difficult life and has overcome many trials and tribulations. one year ago she was a drug addict living with another man out of wedlock and was absolutely miserable. through her faith in christ she no longer uses illegal drugs and has stopped drinking. she is now living the law of chastity and tithing and loves the gospel very much! we had no idea what we were going to teach her or invite her to do, but as we started talking we came to realize L was still smoking and drinking coffee. she had been trying to avoid the topic but she later told us that as we were talking she “couldn’t stop her self from telling us.” we testified of Gods great power and that through her faith all things were possible. tears were shed and she committed to quit smoking and drinking coffee. it was awesome because earlier that day, and i mean that same day, she had ran out of all her coffee.  she also only had two cigarettes left so after the lesson we took those last two cigarettes and destroyed them. she crushed them in the palm of her hand and chucked the evilness which  had for so long held her bound away into the past.
a lot of the other missionaries in my mission consider my area to be a dead zone because of the rarity of baptisms. this is clearly not the case. i have not only experienced evidence that proves this to be incorrect, but also God would not send missionaries here if there was no work to be done! anyway i’m out of time so i have to go now but if anyone want to write me my address here in the little town of arco is…
P.O. box 615
340 N. Water
Arco, ID 83213
Love you all and am keeping you in my prayers!
Elder Wade
Doing Service

Doing Service


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