October 5, 2015

These past few weeks have been so good and it’s insane i’ve already been out for over a month! We pushed the two baptisms back to this weekend because they weren’t able to do it that first weekend on the 26th and then we just had general conference (which was AMAZING) so now it’s this saturday. We have two young girls extremely interested in the church and we are working on the parents of the girls (they are non members) trying to convince them to let them get baptized so if all goes well we should have a few more baptisms coming up! we are working with a lot of less actives just doing our best to serve them, and help them feel our love. There is one older less active man named “J” who just moved here. He has had an extremely difficult life and is struggling a lot so we are just spending a lot of time with him trying to help him feel the savior’s love and ours as well. He has a great sense of humor that kind of reminds me of grandpa carbine so i especially like spending time with him.

This past week has been full of so many personal spiritual experiences for both elder Berke and I, and the people we are working with! So much so that i find the experiences too sacred to share. haha lets just leave it at it has been an AWESOME week.
We are working with another older man named “H” who is a non member. He is a great guy and has a lot of faith in christ and the atonement. he is always energetic and upbeat while talking and meeting with us, but i can tell he is lonely. He thinks the Latter Day Saint Church is great, but has trouble with some of God’s doctrine so we are trying to get to know him better, hoping to soften his heart. My comp. and i actually went hiking with “H” (it was more of a nature walk) to a waterfall. it was absolutely beautiful and we were able to talk about how peaceful and spiritual it is when surrounded by God’s creations. i’m short on time so i am going to end it here ill have more to share next week! love you all!
Elder Wade

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