October 14, 2015

Hey everyone! sorry its Wednesday the only place to email in town is a small library which was closed due to it being Columbus Day and Tuesday we had exchanges (where you switch companions for a day). The baptisms of Mr. and Mrs. S were great! We got a less active there as well and had an amazing turnout. In fact, we are now teaching one of their sons family. The granddaughter “M” wants to be baptized and the mom and one of the boys are starting to show interest. we have several less actives who are showing progress in returning back to the church which has been really exciting to see as well!
On Friday some of the missionaries had a conference were we got to hear from Elder Falabella of the seventy. As we talked he said we should be centering our focus on families. meaning that we should be converting families, not individual people. This is not to say that we are to turn away those interested in the church that don’t have families, but that families should be our main focus.
As a mission we have a goal of each companionship baptizing one person a month. After hearing Elder Falabella I, along with many other missionaries, have made a personal goal of baptizing one family a month. This doctrine reminded me of how my dad grades his students in high school. in my dads English class if you only do as you are asked the highest grade you can get is a B. In order to receive an A you have to go above and beyond what is expected.This is the same as anything you do in life. If all you ever do is what is asked of you, you become average. In order to be exceptional you must exceed expectation.
Love you all!
Elder Wade

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