November 3, 2015

Hello People! IT IS SNOWING!! this morning my companion and i woke up to rain and while we were in our room i looked out the window and saw what i thought to be snow. i wasn’t sure though because i had never seen falling snow so i had to confirm with my companion. it was absolutely gorgeous!! haha i might get to make my first snowman one of these days!
I got moved from Arco and am now just outside Twin Falls in the town of Kimberley. i was devastated to hear i was leaving the people who i had come to love so dearly, but i then realized that my work there was done and i am needed somewhere else. My new companion, Elder Mace, is absolutely amazing haha we are already best friends. i have only been here several days and have just been trying to get used to the area and acquainted with the people so i dont have a TON to report on at the moment. There was one event that was unexpected…
Our second night together we were in the kitchen about to go to bed when Elder Mace gasped and whispered “NO…” i looked down to see a mouse on the floor. Elder Mace runs into the living room and grabs a golf club (that we have for some reason) and i slide across the floor to the kitchen drawer and pull out a few knives. After a fierce battle and with the use of much stratagem we were able to corner the mouse  by the dishwasher. just as we were about to make our move the mouse, to our dismay, squeezed itself through a crack behind the dishwasher. We came to the conclusion that its destruction had to come to pass. we fortified the kitchen with barriers consisting of flipped over tables and rolled up rugs and commenced the oh so difficult task of waiting. as the seconds turned to minutes and the minutes to hours our patience began to diminish. by the time 1 am hit we made the mutual decision of retiring to our beds.  we never were able to get that mouse and we may have lost that battle, but we shall win the war!
Love you all!!!
Elder Wade
MTC Pics
12191853_921517061234803_5264005323417525776_n[1] 12189894_921517071234802_730201374085635732_n[1] 11167656_921516964568146_5374337406331881047_n[1] 11215837_921517024568140_8427622573022333075_n[1] 12189094_921516934568149_5940512958739625770_n[2] 12196143_921516897901486_2394276965847771370_n[1] 1013625_921516884568154_7839504771639365847_n[1]
First six weeks out in the field
elder wade and water fall12191510_921517307901445_1938063295134866735_n[1] 12196256_921517497901426_2449200800658272386_n[2] 12195938_921517304568112_3166412431280218657_n[1] 12193743_921517247901451_1686589835655333566_n[1] 12191889_921517417901434_3774741653218256675_n[1] 11705126_921517384568104_5154504197901839123_n[1] 12118590_921517271234782_697729318583935256_n[1]
Kimberly Idaho and Elder Mace

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