November 30,2015

Hello everyone! so it is absolutely FREEZING here in idaho it has been around 4 degrees the past week. haha its so cold it hurts to breath every time i go outside, but i wouldnt have it any other way because its absolutley gorgeous with the snow frozen over!! this whole mission thing is going WAYYY to fast if it doesnt start to slow down i might just have to go on another one…
The city of Kimberly is awesome! amazing people who i love with a love that i shouldnt be able to posess.
We have a baptismal date set for just under three weeks from now with a 15 year old girl “L”  we have been teaching her at her friends  house and when i asked her if she would like to be baptized she instantly said yes haha i think the family that has been sitting in on the lessons with her were more excited than she was!
“L” (the girl getting baptized) told us that she has a friend who wants to learn more about the church as well so we will be meeting with him soon.
we also have two families where the parents and all of the kids but one are baptized and both families have not been coming to church. they have both expressed that they want to start coming to church again and said that their kid wants to be baptized. haha so we are staying pretty busy and are finding more and more people who have been prepared and are ready to accept the gospel in their lives.
on peperation day i go to the church building and play sports and stuff and i have learned how to play the uke and wrote a song on the piano which has been pretty sweet. well i have to go its time to shop!
Love you all,
Elder Wade
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