December 14, 2015

Hello Everyone!
It warmed up to 30 degrees this week which was awesome! so i am training a new missionary which was a bit of a surprise because only two english speaking missionaries came in this transfer and what was even more of a surprise is that he is a two transfer missionary meaning that he didnt go to the Missionary Training Center so he has had no previous training at all! haha the weirdest part is that i just finished my own training last week so im trying to get use to being on the opposite side.
We had an amazing experience this week with a man that we met on thursday. His wife is a member of the church and so is his daughter and we went over to teach the family and the husband, Brother “F”, started talking about how he wants to be able to go into the temple when his daughter gets married and also wants to be able to be sealed to his wife. He has no religious background so we just started at the beginning, talking about God and how he is our loving Father, we are his children, and we lived with him in heaven before we lived here on earth. His questions were thoughtfully formed and accepted our teachings with great understanding.
It is amazing to see how our Father in heaven blesses each of us everyday and so often we fail to recognize his hand in our lives. something that i have been studying is the commandment that is so easily forgotten and that is to fear not. i loved President Monson’s comment where he states that faith and fear cannot exist in the same mind at the same time, one will expel the other. as children we ask our Father to trust us and to help us, but we so easily forget to remember that we must trust him first! our Father wants to help us, his little children, but he is only able to do so if we are worthy to receive those blessings. Our God is a God of justice, and if he was to bless us despite our disobedience he would cease to be God. We must always remember that his support is dependent upon our love for Him. for those that truly love him have no greater desire than to serve others.
Love you all and am keeping you in my prayers!
Elder Wade

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