December 21, 2015

Hello Everyone! I love this wonderful time of the year! that spirit of christmas that so many people talk about is so powerful. It is none other than the Holy Ghost and it can be felt so strongly because so many people’s thoughts are turned towards Christ.

I absolutely love 1 Nephi 11 when Nephi is asking about his fathers vision and what it all means. He asks what the tree of life represents and the meaning thereof. in verse 22 we find out it is the Love of God, but he was not simply told it was the Love of God. He was shown a vision of Mary, the mother of our savior and deliverer and then shown the Savior. At no point was he told “the tree of life is the Love of God.” he was shown the savior, and nephi instantly understood the interpretation. i find it absolutely beautiful how this information was revealed to Nephi. He was shown the savior, because what Christ did is the greatest act of love that has ever been performed for us. Not only by our savior, but our Father in Heaven as well. He allowed his Son to endure that which we cant begin to comprehend. He went through such pain that him, even God, bled from every pore of his body. The birth of our savior was one of the most important events that has taken place on this earth, but it would have been of no significance if the atonement had not been performed. all the savior did, healing the sick, raising the dead, a life full of nothing but service, would have been for absolutely nothing if the atonement had not been performed. there would be no Christmas, if there had been no Easter. i love you all and pray that you are keeping the true meaning of christmas in your hearts continually.
Elder Wade

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