January 4, 2016

Hello Everyone!

its amazing how fast time goes by its hard thinking about how it is already 2016… it warmed up this morning to 30 degrees which was awesome! ….i can’t believe i just said that…. i am wayyy to use to the weather here.
missionary work is so easy and so much fun! We get to spend all day every day helping people and it is  SO “Joyous to the soul!” yesterday we met with Brother “F” who we have been meeting with for the past few weeks. we have a baptismal date set for Feb. 6 and has overcome so many obstacles that his progression is a marvel. He committed to keeping the Word of Wisdom and making church a regular part of his life which is a HUGE deal for him. his wife and daughter were less active members who have committed to keeping their baptismal covenants. it is incredible to have the opportunity to take part in the conversion and uniting of families for eternity. the knowledge that we possess of the Plan of Happiness is so precious and it causes me such pain to know that there are so many of my brothers and sisters who do not have this truth.
As members of this church we should want nothing more than to share this truth with others so that they may one day have that same joy we are gifted with. I love you all and pray that we will use those gifts which we have been given to bless the lives of others.
Elder Wade
nathan jan 4 2016 1

near Elder Wades apt.

nathan jan 4 2016 2

all bundled up ready to go outside and work


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