January 25, 2016

Hey everyone! As always we had ANOTHER amazing week!

I had the opportunity to Baptize A.J. who is nine years old. He and his family had not been coming to church for over a year. I started teaching them about 2-3 months ago now and they have been coming to church for about the past month. When we first met them the mother said seeing us walk up her drive way was like “seeing the face of God” and that the missionaries always seem to show up when everything is going wrong for them.
We have an investigator (someone learning about the church) “M” who came to church for the first time and later went over to her neighbors house (who are members) and told them “i think i want to be baptized.”
we were also able to set a baptismal date w/ “Z” who is bro “F’s” son and we reset “F’s” baptismal date for the same day as his son. we were able to get some people to church for the first time and they stayed all three hours! If all goes as planned we will have AT LEAST five more baptism by the 6th of March.

One of the other miracles from this week was when we went to teach a boy who had been baptized a few months ago, and his dad (who is not a member of the church) sat in on the discussion and he bore his testimony on the truthfulness and power of the Holy Ghost and shared several experiences where the Holy Ghost had warned him and saved his life. this was particularly amazing because a few months ago he had been planning on divorcing his wife and leaving his family and would not even talk to us about God or religion.
This week my mission president (an old dude who is in charge of the missionaries in an area) was talking to me and said “Kimberly has the best missionaries it has ever had in all the time that i have been president of this mission (which he has been for almost three years now).” This statement was particularly meaningful to me b/c i had been feeling like a failure and an unworthy representative of Christ. Satan knows us and how to destroy us and it is so easy for us to give into self pity. we are given an example of what to do when Satan does this to us in the first chapter of the first book of Moses. We must all remember that tho we “are NOTHING” we have the potential to become EVERYTHING. We are Sons and Daughters of God and when Satan fills our mind with such negative thoughts we are to command him, in the name of Christ, to “get thee hence” for through Christ we are made strong and the glory of God is beyond our comprehensions.
All we need is Faith, for faith is the action of hope.
Love you all and may the Spirit of God be w/ you.
Elder Wade



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