February 7, 2016

Here are some notes we’ve recently received from people in Nathans Mission.

Dear Wade Family,

I just wanted to thank you for sending us your wonderful missionary. He spoke in our Sacrament meeting this last Sunday. He gave such a wonderful talk. It touched my heart and was just what I needed to hear. In fact, I had prayed for a very specific answer just that morning and your son spoke it over the pulpit word for word. It was a moment I will never forget. I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for raising such a fine and noble young man – a young man who is truly an instrument of truth in the Lord’s hands.

Thank you, Sister D

“He is an amazing missionary, he has a great spirit. He is a giant among giants. I am so thankful for you raising such a wonderful young man.”

“I have been around and served with a ton of missionaries. He is one of the best. You should be so proud.”

“Hi my name is “CJ”. I am in the ward your son is serving in. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your son is and the transformation he is making in our area! We are privileged to have him and his companion come over each week for lessons. He is an amazing missionary who has a lot of faith.”


nathan feb 7 2016 1

warming up with hot chocolate after deciding to walk instead of drive in the cold

nathan feb 7 2016 2nathan feb 7 2016 3


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