February 15, 2016


this week two of my three wards had ward conference and we got to hear from the bishops and the Stake President. with it being valentines day and all i thought i would share this sweet secret handshake the stake president taught in both the talks he gave. he calls it “the love hand shake.”  so you take someones hand (hopefully someone you love) and you squeeze their hand four times. each squeeze representing a word which is “do you love me?” the other person responds with three squeezes each squeeze representing a word which is “yes i do” then you respond to that with two squeezes each squeeze representing a word which is ” how much?” and the other person reply’s with the single hardest squeeze they can muster. and yeah that might hurt a little bit, or a lot a bit, but that should be expected because sometimes love hurts.
we had some incredibly spiritual experiences that i would love to share, but they are not my experiences to share. One thing that i am extremely excited about is an investigator we have been working with sense i got to the area quit smoking yesterday!
it is so joyous to see the growth people make and sometimes it happens a lot slower than we would like, but we just have to remember that the direction that we are going in is far more important than the speed because there are so many people going nowhere fast. thinking on this reminds me of a Mormon message i recently watched depicting this same subject with a beautiful analogy called “flecks of gold.” Love you and pray you are enjoying the innumerable amount of blessings we have received from our heavenly father.
Elder Wade

nathan feb 15 2016 2Baptism of A.J. Bones last month

Nathan feb 15 2016 1

I got Elder Udall (Chelsea’s future husband) a Valentine. he was pretty juiced


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