Harvest Time!!! March 14, 2016

Hello Everyone!

The past few weeks have been incredible! Chuck and Zak Frame were baptized and Confirmed completing their family who are beginning their journey to the temple – Mariecela Sebastian was baptized this past Saturday and her family will soon be following her into the waters of baptism- and we have several baptisms in the coming weeks. It has been such a blessing to be able to witness and take part in helping others apply the principles of repentance through the atonement, and also the enabling power, which power is what  allows us to put off the natural man and be perfected. For without the atonement  the ability to change our nature would not be.
I have had so many experiences and been witness to so many great and mighty miracles while in the service of my God, but i have been given a charge that i should tell no man. and it is for this reason that i do not write more regarding these things. But i will testify of the atonement. And i will testify that the Priesthood is real. It is the literal power of God which, when authorized, nothing is impossible. It is that same power in which Christ used to heal the sick, make the blind see, the dumb speak, the lame walk, and that same power which raised the dead. And the ONLY reason that this power is not able to be accessed by so many is because they do not believe. And i say this because those who TRULY believe act. Fore faith is the action that takes place because of our belief. Thus, you do not truly believe unless you act.
They that have faith to be healed and is not appointed unto death shall be healed. He who hath faith to see shall see. He who hath faith to hear shall hear. The lame who hath faith to leap shall leap. This is a promise given to ALL of Gods children. And we can obtain this belief, this faith, when we are obedient to Gods commandments. Those who live in righteousness and obey the commandments of God are endowed with faith. A faith beyond their own.
This is why strict obedience is necessary for our salvation. When we are obedient to any commandment we are blessed with that which is promised according to that commandment. And the more obedient we are, the greater we are endowed with faith, which faith becomes knowledge. And we are given precious truths and are strengthened beyond our own understanding.
Love you and pray that we will all be obedient to Gods commandments so that we may be blessed so great that we may one day receive all that the Father has for us.
Elder Wade
nathan march 14 2016 4

Mariecela’s Baptism

Nathan march 14 2016 3Nathan march 14 2016 2Nathan march 14 2016 1


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