Having Fun, Working Hard and Love from Members

Nathan april 18 2016 1nathan april 18 2016 2nathan april 18 2016 3

nathan april 18 2016 4

Lily đŸ™‚

nathan april 18 2016 5Nathan april 18 2016 6Nathan april 25 2016 6

Nathan april 25 2016 7

On splits with Elder Udall

Nathan served in the Kimberly Area for 6 months below are some of the comments I got from members in this area. He is now a District Leader and Trainer in the Burley West area.

Hi my name is Charity Johns. I am in the ward that you son is serving in. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your son is and the transformation he is making in our area! We are privileged to have him and his companion come over each week for lessons. He is an amazing missionary who has a lot of faith.

Nathan april 25 2016 1

We’ve just pent our last evening with your amazing wonderful son. He has made such a difference in this area. He will be missed by so many. Grateful for him and his dedication to the Lord. We have loved him in our home!

nathan april 25 2016 3

The Frame Family

nathan april 25 2016 4

With the Frames

nathan april 25 2016 5

Hi Sister Wade, We are the Frame family and wanted to tell you how amazing your son Elder Wade has been and what a huge part he has played in our lives. His faith and knowledge of the gospel is incredible!! My wife and daughter were already members. He helped teach our son and I and has been amazing. We were baptized last month and don’t think we would be where we are today if he wasn’t sent here. We know the Lord knows what we need and he put who we needed here to learn the gospel. We are so thankful for him and his testimony.

“he is an amazing missionary he has a great spirit. He is a giant among giants. I am so thankful for you raising such a wonderful young man” from a ward member


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