May 10, 2016

I have been in Burley for a few weeks now which has been terrific! i absolutely love starting a new area! I dont know if there is anything that brings me more joy than being able to watch something be taken in such a broken state and to witness its journey in becoming something great that changes so many lives! I absolutely love the fact that Heavenly Father can take me, something so very small and simple, and through this small and simple thing have such great things brought to pass! It is nothing more than another testimony to me of the power of God. That he take someone such as i, and use them to do that which is so absolutely incredible!
I can just see the light grow within the eyes of the people wherein i serve, just as one may see in the starting of a fire.
So if you are not, or have not been a missionary this wont really mean much to you, but the “Mission” that i am currently serving in is going to be dissolved, and they will be creating a new mission, The “Idaho Falls Mission.” what is currently the “Twin Falls Mission” will be consumed by the “Boise Mission” And they will be splitting in half what is now the “Pocatello Mission” and that will become the “Idaho Falls Mission.” So all (but 6) Twin Falls Missionaries will now be Boise Missionaries, and those 6 that will not be Boise Missionaries will be transferred up to the new Idaho Falls Mission (sorry if that made absolutely no sense).
I am out of time, but just know i love and pray for you all!
Elder Wade
nathan may 7 2016

We are very excited in the Burley 7th ward to get Elders. I think it has been at least 4 or 5 years. (we’ve had Sisters) We share these Elders with the third ward as well. Elder Murphy and Elder Wade’s, Pretty neat young men.

nathan may 9 2016 2

New district at the Temple

Nathan may 9 2016 1nathan may 9 2016 3nathan may 9 2016 4


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