a time ago, i sat in my room pondering over the scriptures; and reflecting upon the life before this, and became deeply troubled at the thought of all my brothers and sisters lost, never having the opportunity to receive bodies and experience mortality. And as i meditated upon this i questioned what would cause so many of my siblings to not choose to follow our Father who is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. Who would reject that Glorious being, who if we were to behold for no more than a moment, our hearts would be filled with joy for many days. As i pondered the subject an image was brought to my mind.

I saw myself in the premortal realm, among the innumerable hosts of heaven, where my elder brother came and laid before me a massive test. A test with millions of questions, and millions of possible answers to each of those questions. With all tenderness and love he told me, “if you take my test you are going to fail. you are going to fail miserably, and no matter how hard you try, no matter how much work you put in, you are not going to make it. Even if you were to serve me with your whole soul, you would be unprofitable. But, if you follow me. if you take my test; i will come down, and i will erase your mistakes. i will find a way for you to pass, if you trust me.” He then turned and walked away.
after a while my brother Lucifer came forward and placed before me a few thin pieces of paper. where he goes on to explain to me that if i followed him he would give me a test. a test with very few questions. and to each of those questions there was only one possible answer. it would literally be impossible to make a mistake. and he told me that if i followed him, if i took his test, he would bless me beyond comprehension. He promised the same reward as my brother, with no risk involved.
At the conclusion of this image, i thought of the impact of this test. this was a test that would decide EVERYTHING. i though of how each and every one of us sent to earth accepted Christ’s test. We trusted him enough to put EVERYTHING on the line, based off of the belief that he would fulfill his promise. A promise that no other could do. and if he was to fail that was it. it was done. there was no back up. I, the wicked and unworthy creature that i am, knew Christ enough, loved Him enough, and trusted Him enough to follow Him on a journey with a risk so great, a decision so difficult, that 1/3 of my Brothers and Sisters would not accept it. Brothers and sisters who i knew, who i loved even more than i know and love my siblings here  on earth.
  nathan June 13 2016

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