June 27, 2016

Hey Fam! Jerome is awesome! great people, great places, lots of wild fires (super pretty one last week but i didnt get a picture). In my new area we cover a YSA branch and its super fun haha but kinda weird.  Anyways not a ton of time so ima keek this short, but here’s a little something i learned during my personal scripture study this week!
In John 11:35 we read the shortest verse of all Holy writ – “Jesus wept”   In verse 36 we learn that the Jews thought Jesus wept because of the love that Jesus had for Lazarus. But in verse 33 we learn that the reason Christ “groaned in the spirit, and was troubled” was because he saw Mary and the Jews weeping because of the death of Lazarus. Now to understand why “Jesus wept” we need to first dig a little deeper into exactly why Mary and the Jews were actually weeping.
In Doctrine and Covenants 42:45 we learn that people
In the book of Alma of the Book of Mormon we learn that those who die
“firmly believing that their souls were redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ… went out of the world rejoicing.” and that “those who died in the faith of Christ are happy in him…”
From this we learn that one who dies WITH a hope of a glorious Resurrection are happy and leave this world rejoicing.
Now, going back to John 11 – The reason “Jesus wept” had nothing to do with the fact that someone he loved died.
(a quick side note, we believe that Christ has a perfect love for ALL of us, every single person. and to say that Christ would weep at the death of one person and not another would be to infer that his love is not equal which is complete and utter blasphemy)
The reason Jesus wept was because those that he loved so dearly neither understood or trusted Him. They did not believe and have faith in “a glorious resurrection” and as a result they were weeping at the loss of a loved one. and when Christ, Jesus saw this he wept. not because he was sad that Lazarus was dead, but saddened that Mary and the Jews did not believe in him and his atonement.
Just a thought…
sometimes i wonder if i ever cause Christ to weep because of how little faith i have at times in Him and His Atonement…
sorry i am absolutely terrible at sending pictures… Love ya’ll and hope you had a terrific Sabbath Day and a great rest of your week!
Elder Wade


nathan june 27 2016 1

Hiking in the Canyon! Road Trip w/ the Grayson’s

nathan june 27 2016 2

The Man Hut

nathan june 27 2016 3nathan june 27 2016 4nathan june 27 2016 5

The (no longer) Twin Falls


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