July 25, 2016

Hey fam! so i have like 3 minutes left before i get logged off so ima copy and past the emial that my comp sent home so ya have something to read!
“Well, let’s talk about Jeffery.
Jeffery is our next door neighbor. He’s a grumpy, old man who for the longest time, refused to make eye-contact with us. When I first moved into Jerome, I noticed a letter posted on the wall my study room.
Clearly, from this letter, I thought he would be a pretty nice guy. I mean, wouldn’t you? A little odd, yes, but aren’t we all? So every time I saw him after that, I would wave to him and say hello. I noticed quickly that he never acknowledge us and any time we would try to walk his direction, he would turn walk away. At first I thought that he might be hard of hearing or something, but I soon found out that coldness and bitterness surrounded him.
But he wasn’t bitter to everyone, just us. Every Wednesday night, we would see him walk out to everyone in our complex’s trash bins and take them to the curb. That is, everyone’s, but ours. And then every Thursday morning, he would go out again and bring all of them back, save ours again. So my first week in Jerome, I noticed this, but didn’t think too much about it. I took our trash to the curb, then the next morning I brought one back. You know, typical chores and such. Later that morning, we left the house, did some missionary stuff, as usual, and returned home. Upon arriving home, I noticed that we didn’t have a trash bin in front of our house, but instead, there was one left on the curb. I also noticed that the three other houses in the near vicinity which didn’t have trash bins in front of their houses before we left now did. Once again, odd.
A couple months passed and that relationship, if that’s what you want to call it, didn’t really improve. He continued to be bitter, and we continued to be ignored. I continuously asked my companion what had happened? It was clear that he once had a relationship with the missionaries prior to us, or else he wouldn’t have gone through the effort of writing us a letter. But I didn’t really try to do anything about it. That is, until about a month ago.
It was P-Day and my companion and I just got done playing basketball at the church. We were walking back from our truck. As we got closer we saw Jeffery outside. Like always, he turned around to walk away. But my companion, Elder Wade (who was new to the area), was not going to have this. He began to pick up the pace until he close enough to not to be ignored and said, “Hey Jeffery, how are you doing today?”
Apparently, this was the wrong thing to do.
For the first time, he actually acknowledged our existence and slowly turned around and gasped out, “It’s  Mr. Cook to you, BOYS”. My companion and I looked to each other and decided we were not going to give up. As “Mr. Cook” was turning back around, my companion pursued yet again saying, “Is there something we (as missionaries) did to hurt or offend you? Is there a reason you don’t like us?” He paused in his tracks. Finally, he turned around again and explained to us that he left that letter (see above) on the missionaries door several months ago. He expected, as ministers, that the missionaries at the time would respect it and act accordingly. So, when he was unable to take the trash out, and the missionaries failed to do so, he lost total respect for them. We explained that we weren’t the same missionaries that did that and asked if we could have another shot at it. He grudgingly agreed then “dismissed” us.
Later that evening we found this note posted on our door:
Inline image 1
Fun Stuff, right?”
Love you all and am keeping you in my prayers!
Elder Wade

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