August 8, 2016

Hey Fam!

So i have been serving in the Jerome area. Here we cover two family wards and a YSA branch (a bunch of singles who are getting ready for missions or are trying to get hitched). So i know i havnt really talked about the area i have been serving in since i got here, and to be honest it is because when i got here there was nothing going on. There wasnt a single person being taught that was trying to change, no one had been to church in months, and they hadnt found any new people to teach in months. Thats no excuse for not writing but i guess i just used that as an excuse…
Anyways, we are doing awesome now! We have been getting at least one person to church every week for the past month now and we have four people that have committed to being baptized! One of those people that is set for baptism is Jose Lopez. Jose is from San Diego and up until last Monday he had never prayed, or been in a church building before. He just moved here two months ago. A member of one of our family wards met him and gave us his number. we called him that night and the next day he came to YSA FHE with us. That night after the activity he was overcome with the spirit and the thought came to his mind “i need to get baptized” so when we met the next day (tuesday) for our first lesson the first thing out of his mouth was “what do i have to do to get baptized?”
I believe that God has many prepared just as Jose all around the world, but He chooses not to send them to be taught by us because He cannot trust us with His precious children he has prepared. It is my prayer that we may all live worthy of Gods trust so that He may use as as tools to help all the “Jose’s” in the world waiting for someone to show them the way. Words cannot express the love that i have for my savior and i know that as we use the gift of Christ’s Atonement what our love for ALL will increase.
Elder Wade

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