August 22, 2016

Hello everyone! so i am just about out of time, but i would like to share an experince from this week and thereby my testimony of music (well a small part of it). There is a family that we have been teaching for a few weeks now (i should really share their background to make this experience more significant but for sake of time i just share this one experience) and they, last second, cancelled our lesson via text. We were planning on going over anyway to see if they were okay, but as we went to knock on their door a neighbor shared with us that he has been hearing A LOT of yelling and arguing that day so we decided to just wait to come back another night. as we were driving away i was told by the spirit that i was to turn around, go back, and sing to them the angelic words which go (words modified)

when you left your room this morning, did you think to pray?
in the name of Christ , our savior, did you ask for loving guidance
as a shield today?
When your heart was filled with anger, did you think to pray?
Did you plead for grace, my brother, that you might forgive another who had crossed your way?
when sore trials came upon you, did you think to pray?
when your soul was filled with sorrow, did you think to pray?
Oh how praying rests the weary!
Prayer will change the night to day
Oh when life gets dark and dreary, please
Dont forget to pray
As the words poured forth they were overcome with the spirit and the healing power of Jesus Christ entered into them and their hearts were healed. Music is a language which is spiritually read. That is why we are told that the “song of the righteous is a prayer” to our God.
A warning to go along with this witness is that of opposition. Through our prophets we know that the song of the righteous truly is a prayer to God. And we know that in this world there is an opposite to everything. With that being said, if we know that a righteous song is a prayer to God, then who is it that we are worshiping and praying to when we listen to an unrighteous song? Be careful what you listen to.
Elder Wade

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