September 5 2016

Hey everyone! so i hit my year mark a few days ago so i thought it be appropriate to share one of my first journal entries!

“Today was incredible! Today is the first time that i have truly gained a personal testimony of the power of priesthood blessings. Many of the members of my district had been sick and a sister missionary asked me to give her a blessing for her sick and afflicted soul. After reciting the beginning of the blessing the spirit took over and the words flowed out of me. My tongue was loosed and promised her great things that are to come to pass. At the sealing of the blessing this dear sister, in tears, thanked me and went on to explain that during the blessing (which i had little recollection of) i said things as exactly stated in her patriarchal blessing. It was at this moment that i knew, without a doubt, that the power of the priesthood and its ability to call upon the power of God is very real. And that at that moment in time i was a true conduit for the Holy Ghost and He was not confounded for i was living in such a way that i was worthy to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost.”
Love you all and pray that we may always live worthy of the Holy Spirit that we may become instruments in blessing our brothers and sisters!
Elder Wade

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