September 19,2016

Hey Fam! So i actually took several pictures this last week, but this computer isnt letting me access the SD card sooo maybe next time? Anyways i got my new comp, Elder Thueson, who is from Southern Illinois. He was originally in the old Boise mission and he came out three weeks before me. We would have came out at the exact same time, but the old Boise mission and old Twin mission had a three week difference from when they did transfers. Thus, he came out three weeks before me. Elder Thueson is awesome he actually skipped being a district leader and became a Zone leader out of no where which NEVER happens, so im planning on learning a lot from him! I have three districts in my zone and ALL of my District Leaders are not only new to their areas, but brand new to being District Leaders! So ive been saying a lot of prayers to make sure everything works out…

Okay, There were a lot of things learned from the Mission tour. Getting to hear from two General Authorities was amazing and to only add, i had a stake conference in my area and we had Elder Brent H. Nielson, the General Authority over the missionary department, come to our stake conference! So i had the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time with three General Authorities within the past few weeks. And of all the things learned, all the talks given, all the words spoken, there is only one thing that i would like to mention. This one thing is found in Doctrine and Covenants Section 46 Verse 9. HIM THAT SEEKETH SO TO DO rang in my ears when i heard those words. The spirit taught me one sacred piece of truth, which when i shared it with Elder Lawrence he said that as he listened to me speak he felt impressed to tell me that that simple principle that i learned was going to bless me for the rest of my life. This simple sacred principle is that those who strive and seek to keep all of Gods commandments, those who desire to do what is right can call themselves exactly obedient. Because God not only makes worthy and qualifies those who keep all of Gods commandments, but also those ‘that seeketh so to do’. I would like to bear my witness that we are all doing better than we think we are. And i do so in behalf of Christ, in the thoughts of Christ, and in the name of The Holy One of Israel, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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