Don’t Say a Word September 26,2016

Hey Fam! This week has been awesome! I only have a few minutes, but there is a quick experience i would like to share!

This week we went on exchanges with our Spanish District Leader. Elder Thueson stayed in his area as i went to serve in the Spanish area for a day. Being in the Spanish area was incredible! The best part was that i had NO IDEA what was going on. it was awesome! At first i felt pretty useless and more of a wallflower than anything, but then the spirit brought back to my remembrance the importance of having a prayer in my heart. I started spending my day praying for my companion and the people we were meeting with while intently observing how the people we were meeting with responded to my temporary Spanish companion. As i listened with that prayer in my heart i was able to follow the conversations and understand how these people were feeling. At the end of the exchange the Spanish missionary i was with told me that i did a lot, and i didnt have to say a word. He said that while he was talking to the members (in Spanish) while we were eating lunch that the members commented on how they could ‘feel my spirit’ and told him that i ‘must be consecrated.’
From this experience my belief, my faith in the language of the spirit turned into a sure knowledge. I learned for myself that Spirit and is an actual physical matter and that when one is doing what is right, when someone is keeping the commandments, then they do not need to say a word, because their spirit is strong enough to speak for both the physical and spiritual. I Love you all and pray that we may live in such a way that our spirits may be strong enough to be heard before a single word comes out of our mouths.
Elder Wade



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