“More Than Gold” October 24 2016

Hey Fam! So as usual dont have much time. (you know i should really stop saying that because in saying i dont have much time im just wasting more time…. anyways) this has been an awesome week! SO many miracles is insane! Real quick, i just found out i am going to be getting moved to Boise and i am going to be covering the Boise State Campus (BSU) and will be working with all the single people trying to survive life!

So one incredible miracle that we experienced this week is Gina (sp?). Gina is a single woman that has leukemia and according to doctors has a few years to live. Gina was in a terrible motorcycle accident a few years ago which led to the discovery of her illness and ever sense has been fighting for her life. When Gina was in her motorcycle accident she died for approximately 5 minutes and from that experience she only remembers two things. she said that while she was dead she 1) saw a light that was brighter than the sun and 2) She remembers the name of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (AKA LDS OR MORMONS). She said that for the last two years, sense that experience, she has been studying and searching for the truth and this past Friday Oct 21st 2016 was the first time she has actually sat down with and talked to missionaries. And i was lucky enough to be one of those missionaries. We were able to testify to her and help her understand exactly the what, why, and how of her heavenly, out of body experience (if i may be so bold as to call it that). We were able to bring the spirit unto her heart where she so humbly let it flood in.
I testify that i know that God lives and the Jesus is The Christ. That the trials that we are put through are FAR MORE PRECIOUS then gold (read 1 Peter 1:7). Because, just as Gina, it is the trials and hardships that we have in life that make us into who we are and what God intends for us to become. I Love you all and am so grateful to have your friendship and to know that i have you, MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, to lean on when in times of need.
Elder Wade
p.s. sorry theres no pics this computer is having trouble accessing them!

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