Obedience > Sacrifice, November 7 2016

Hey Fam! This week has been awesome! so many miracles, but there is one in particular i feel to share with you.

First, Allison. Allison is an 18 year old girl attending BSU and who has been wanting to get baptized SO BADLY. A little background, she started meeting with missionaries her senior year, but when her family found out they told her she had to choose between becoming a mormon or being a part of their family and as a result she stopped learning from the missionaries and coming to church. Long story short when she got to BSU she, outside the knowledge of her family, found us and we have been working with her and she is SO READY to be baptized, but she has been overcome with the fear of losing her family.
On Wednesday we had a lesson with her where we taught her about eternal families. We showed her the eternal perspective of who we are and what God has in store for us. We testified to her boldly of Gods love for her and that she had to make a decision. we told her that she could give in to her fears and she would be able to tell her family she loves them for the rest of her mortal life, OR she could follow through on what she knows she needs to do and get baptized and in turn she will be able to tell her family that she loves them for eternity. We invited her to be baptized on a day that my companion and i felt she was to be baptized on and through tears of both joy and sorrow Allison decided to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized.
I have come to know that there is only one way to love. whether it is God or our fellow men. And that only way is through obedience to what we know to be true. Obedience will always be greater then sacrifice. To sacrifice your obedience to Gods commandments to preserve a relationship or anything in its likeness is an act of selfishness in itself. Despite what others understand, EVERY time you obey God rather then sacrificing that obedience to please others (or yourself) you show a much greater, a much deeper, a more eternal kind of love that sometimes only is manifested in the next world. Sorry this turned into a sermon, but know that i love you all and for more importantly (and powerfully) God loves YOU.
Elder Wade



Hortons-awesome couple about to get baptized from the area I just left



Standers-senior missionaries that just went home that remind me A TON of my grandparents



Elder Buckhannon-my awesome new companion



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