#LighttheWorld, November 28, 2016

Hey Fam! Sorry if you wrote me this week and i didnt respond! i came late to the library and it is about to close so i only have a few minutes.

This has been an awesome week and it is bringing all sorts of miracles to this coming one! First off During church on sunday this old guy walked up to me and after talking to him for a minute i realized that he is from back home and was one of my bishops when i was super young! He told me he was here because he was visiting his parents for thanksgiving and that his niece, who goes to BSU (the area that i cover) was giving a talk! THEN later that day we were going to visit a member of the church who has not been to church in years and would let past missionaries teach or pray with him. After we introduced ourselves to each other i asked Him where he is from and he said, “the Bay Area.” And i said, “hey me too!”
Long story short he, Ken Wyrick, was a 2002 graduate of Deer Valley High School (my high school!) and grew up super close friends with a Tyler Renshaw who just happens to be an older sibling of one of my best friends Mckenzie Renshaw! Super crazy! AND because we had this incredible connection his heart was softened and he let us share a message and say a prayer with him.
Anyway im out of time, but today is going to be awesome because one of our investigators, Cai, is getting married today and she will be getting baptized Dec, 7th! She asked me and my companion to be the “witnesses” for the marriage! there will be pics next week!
Oh Yeah! We also got to take one of our recent converts to the temple for the first time to do baptisms AND we are taking another recent convert to the temple on this coming Wednesday to do baptisms with her too!
Love you all and hope you had an incredible Thanksgiving! EVERYONE go on mormon.org and watch the new Christmas video called “LIGHTtheWORLD” and DO IT!
Elder Wade

Diana and Missionaries, Boise Idaho Temple




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