He Knows the Better Way for Us

Hey Fam!

It has been another incredible week! I know i promised pictures from Cai and Jesse’s wedding, but the computer i am on right now wont let me upload pictures… so next week? On Wednesday we had the incredible opportunity of taking, Korina,  another recent convert (someone who recently joined the church) to the Temple for the first time! We went and did baptisms for the dead (see https://www.lds.org/topics/baptisms-for-the-dead?lang=eng to find out what baptisms for the dead is).
One of the incredible things about the good news of Jesus Christ is how he has provided an opportunity for EVERY one of his children that ever has and ever will come to earth to learn of and accept Him and His gift. I do not know why i was so lucky to be one of the ones that was given this knowledge so early on in my life, but i do know how much joy it brings me and because of that joy i want nothing more than to share it with my brothers and sisters (aka EVERYONE).

There is a man named Ty that we have been teaching. Ty has been meeting with the missionaries and coming to church for over three years now. this past week one of his best friends past away. As soon as he found out he said the only thing he wanted to do was to go to church. He said there is a special feeling at church that he only feels when he is there. On Sunday he came to church and he got up in front of everyone and shared his testimony of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus, The Christ. He testified of the love that God has for ALL of his children and how he knows he will see his friend again.
I bear my own, personal, witness that there is a God, and that God is our loving Heavenly Father. That Jesus is the Christ and because of his sacrifice there is no sin that is too late or pain that is too great. Sometimes God brings us low so that he can then lift us higher. The trails of our faith our much more precious then gold, because it is though those very trials that shape us into who we are today, and who we will become tomorrow. I love you all and pray that we may all always REMEMBER who we are and what God has in store for us.
your favorite idaho missionary,
Elder Wade

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