January 9, 2017

This Week I entered into one of the most holy places that i have ever been, the NICU of the Saint Alphonsus Hospital in Boise, ID. A place, where by divine design, Satan has no power.

My companion and i had been out visiting people when we got a call from someone who was “a friend of a person who has a sister who was asked by her neighbor” to get in contact with the missionaries in Boise to see if they could give a new born baby a blessing. Long story short we arrived at the hospital the next morning to give the blessing.
To enter the NICU you first have to get buzzed into a wash room where you are required to scrub your hands and arms up to your elbows for two minutes. After doing so you go through a single door at the other end of the room which opens up into the unit. As soon as i walked through the door and entered the room i was overwhelmed by the presence of the Spirit of God. I could sense that God had sent invisible angels who were looking over and comforting each and every one of the new born babes. I new in that moment that i had just entered into a sacred place, a sanctuary, a hallowed ground.
The blessing we gave was brief, but powerful. We promised in the blessing that health would be granted and strength given. I felt an eternal link had been formed between me, Mason (the 12 hour infant), and his parents.
I am so incredibly grateful to know that God lives and that He is our Father. That we are His children and He loves us. He is always looking out for us and has sent His angels to watch over and teach us. I know that through Christ NO ONE, not one person, will be lost, unless they refuse to be found. Life does not end at death  Families can be forever. I love you and am so grateful for you.
Elder Wade

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