MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!, December 19, 2016

Hey Family! Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry CHRISTmas! As we should always remember, there would be no Christmas, if we did not have an Easter.

That is, of all the miracles performed. His birth. His ministry. The lame he made walk. The blind he made see. The dead he raised. It all would have been for absolutely nothing, if he had not performed that final act. If he had not done what no other could do. If he had not bled in that garden. If he had not suffered on that cross. If he had not laid down his life, and then by his own power take it up again. It all would have been for nothing. His birth would have been to no avail. His name would have no power. But because he did, because he prevailed, BECAUSE OF HIIM. Everything is made possible. May we always remember. I love you all!
Elder Wade

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