God is Good, Jan 23 2017

nathan-jan-23-2017Hey Famiy!

So i Realize that i am absolutely terrible at keeping people up-to-date on where i am and what is happening so here is a quick summary!
I am a missionary in the Idaho Boise Mission and i cover the Bosie State University Campus and surrounding areas. No i have not made it onto the “smurph turf” yet… but an old missionary buddy that got home about 6 months ago just came back and he is actually playing football at BSU and he is in one of the congregations that i work with so that is super cool!
I got a new companion last week, Elder Udall (a companion is another missionary that you are temporarily put with and you teach and protect each other while we are out on the dangerous streets of idaho), and he may or may not be my best friend in the world… We came out on our missions at the same time and we spent 6 months serving in the same area and we have had several of the same companions. Pretty sure we hung out ALL the time in the pre life.
Well, my time is up so i am cutting this short, but hope all is well back home. Love you and pray for you. REMEMBER, when life gets dark and dreary, dont forget to pray!
Elder Wade

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