Febuary 13,2017

Hello Family! real quick i just wanted to share something that i have been learning throughout my mission and how i have been able to put it into words the past few weeks.

I was asking myself how i could be more patient with the people i teach and i was praying as to how i could develop greater love for those around me. While pondering the matter i had these words implanted into my soul.

“If God treated me the way i treat my investigators how long ago would
have he dropped me?”

Let me explain that to those who have not served missions and do not understand the missionary lingo. and “investigator” is someone that we are teaching and trying to help bring to Christ. and to “drop” an investigator is to stop teaching someone because they haven’t been keeping commitments and do not follow through on what they say.
As missionaries we teach a lot of people who do not do what they say they will do, and will make these commitments to God, but wont keep them. That can get awful frustrating! It makes me feel pretty bad for all the times i told my mom i would do something and then did not do it… But after someone that we have been teaching wont keep commitments for a while we “drop” them.
so now that i have explained that (hopefully it makes sense) go back and read the bold print. I dont really have time to explain the emotions and thoughts i had as i pondered that question God asked me, but i would ask each of you next time you get frustrated or upset with someone to REMEMBER how many times God has forgiven you and ASK yourself this one question.
“If God treated me the way i treat others, then where would i be right now?” 
I Love you all and pray thaqt we may always remember to forgive those that wrong us. To hold a grudge and to refuse to let go is as giving yourself poison with the hopes of killing your Enemy…

Elder Wade

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