January 30, 2017

.Hey Fam!
I was trying to figure out what to share with you today and i felt to  share one of the bigger parts of my mission right now. The office staff missionaries. With the area that i am serving in, i have the special opportunity to work with the people that make our mission and missionaries work. And i think the best way to do that is with pictures…


This is Big Jim. Big Jim has been our transportation for the last two weeks. He is a twelve passenger van that missionaries call “the transfer van” because we use him to move missionaries around every six weeks. All the college kids call it the creeper van.


This is Sister Christensen. She is the sweetest. She keeps track of all the missionaries.


This is Elder Christensen. He leaves a stash of York peppermint patties in his desk for me. He is in charge of making sure the missionaries “dont do stupid.” Lets just say he started his mission with hair on his head…


Meet Sister Busath. She is the one that fixes everything when Elder Udall and I mess it all up.


Elder Busath is Elder Busath. He is an ex cop from California. He served on schwartsnagers security detail for 8 years while he was Governor. He is in charge of making sure the missionaries have somewhere to sleep at night. We make his life miserable when we move the missionaries around, but when he is in a good mood he takes us out to eat! He has never taken us out to eat… but that will change!


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