February 27, 2017

Hey Family!

Well it is transfer week here in the Idaho Boise Mission! Elder [Udall] and I will be companions still! Thank goodness…. It is so crazy how fast this last transfer flew. So this past week has been great!! We were able to get a lot of things done and we were able to meet with a lot of people! It is always so cool to see how everyone has a story and we get to see their progression in life as the gospel is brought to them and applied.
So the past couple of weeks, Elder [Udall] and I had been praying/fasting to find people who have been prepared to hear the word of God. A couple of mornings ago, we woke up to 6 new messages full of a referral for a girl that wants to meet with us and teach all of her roommates as well! It really was a miracle!
I have a testimony of obedience and diligence in missionary work! This past week, Elder [Udall] and I had just got out of a teaching appointment around 8:40. We live about 15 minutes away from our apartment and we had a decision to make if we were going to try some more people or go home! So we decided to try some more people… As we tried a couple of doors, we found that no one wanted to answer us, so the clock ran down and we headed back to our car. As we were walking, [we] saw a man getting some stuff out of his trunk, so we went and talked to him! Long story short, we taught him the first discussion and he invited us back to teach!
This week we got to have dinner with a ton of BSU athletes!! At dinner there was 4 swimmers, 1 football player, 1 wrestler and 1 tennis player. It was really cool to come together and be able to teach them!
Anyway, have an awesome week!! I love you all!
Elder [Wade]”
p.s. my companion elder udall actually wrote this email to send home while i was emailing my mom and he sent it to me too and we are running out of time so i just replaced his name with mine and changed a few other things. just wanted to clarify that i most definitely am NOT plagiarizing my companions letter home. if my (english teacher) dad found out he would kill me! Not that he doesn’t already want to due to my grammatical skills…




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