March 6, 2017 “I Lied”

Hey Family!!

Wow what an awesome week it has been in the IDAHO BOISE MISSION!! Sometimes we feel bad for all the other missionaries because the miss out on the best mission in he wold!
Anyway, This past week we had some really cool things happen! We seemed to be really busy with the transfer day, but all went really well! I got to drive the big Transfer Van with the trailer behind it, so that was pretty crazy!
So during the drive, I looked at Elder Udall about 75 miles in and said “Did you lock the trailer??” That is never a good way to start a conversation…. haha Anyway, it was cool because it totally was a warning from the Spirit to lock it up! We pulled over on the highway and sure enough it was unlocked, so we locked it up.
Another cool thing that happened was at 8:50 at night. We were driving on our way back to the apartment from our area and I told Elder Udall to take a right on a road that we have never taken before, but as I said that Elder Udall was reminded of a potential investigator! After about 10 seconds of driving, Elder Udall asked me, ” Do you know where we are going?” I replied with a no and then Elder Udall told me that he did! So we drove to the potentials house and we were able to talk with him and set up another appointment!
This week we were able to find a new investigator! She is a really cool girl that actually went to school at UVU for a year. She had a lot of LDS friends down here, but felt really pressured by them to learn more about the gospel. Long story short, we found her and she told us that she has noticed a difference in her life not being around a lot of LDS people, so she wants to learn more! It is incredible to see the things God is doing in the lives of others.
Elder Udall and I are having such a great time together! We laughed a good bit this week at pretty corny jokes, but it is fun to us!! I really love him and his incredible ability to be a leader and to help others!
I love and care for each of you! I pray for you daily and I hope you can feel that! The Lord loves us and all of His children! I know it because I have experienced it and have witnessed others experience it!
Have a wonderful week!
Elder Wade



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