March 20, 2017

Hey Fam!

This week we spent most of our days in meetings. We got there early to set up around 8:30 and then we are there till about 4 or 5. and we had that same meeting (for different parts of the mission) 4 different times so there went most of our week. It was awesome though!
The video hasn’t been posted yet, but our Mission President has access to it so we got to watch the new Easter Video for 2017! It is incredible! There are going to be activities starting in the beginning of April leading up to Easter that is all focused and centered around PEACE, the PRINCEofPEACE. As you consider this Easter season and what we celebrate, commemorate, what comes to mind as you look at this picture of Jesus Christ? What does Easter mean to you, to your family? Do you know anyone who has recently lost a loved one who might be comforted by this message? Do you know anyone who is suffering with some sort of critical illness that might enjoy a measure of peace by hearing this message? If we told you that your Easter season would be made brighter, your love for Jesus Christ would increase, your appreciation for Him will be enhanced, would you take a few moments to watch this video? 
I know that God lives and that Jesus is the Christ. That he lived, died, and lived again. And because of Him we will ALL live again. Death will have no sting, the grave no victory. Hearts will be mended and peace will abound. I love you all and pray that we may all live in such a way that we may become free thought Him. 
Elder Wade

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