April 17, 2017

Hello Family! I am officially in Paul, ID! kinda…. i actually live in the town of Heyburn, but the area i do my missionary things in is a part of Paul, ID and also Hazelton. It is ALLL country. The biggest town i cover is Hazelton which has 300 people and over half of them are Mormon. I get the feeling that i will be ‘chuckin’ a lot of hey out here. It actually reminds me a lot of my first area, Arco, ID. The first atomic powered city in the USofA! My new companion, Elder Yarber, just got out on his mission! He was born in Japan and is a ‘Military Brat” so he has lived all over the place. He has such a pure heart and loving spirit! Elder Yarber and I showed up on Thursday and we found out that the missionaries were giving talks (speaking in front of everyone) at church on Sunday, Easter Sunday! So Elder Yarber’s very first Sunday as a missionary got to speak in church and we just found out we are speaking again in Hazelton this next Sunday! It is actually a huge blessing because it has/will be a great way for us to get to know everyone here!

On Saturday we were in Hazelton knocking on some doors (all 50 of em) and it was getting late and time for us to go home, but we decided to knock on one more door. That one more door was Ed’s. Ed is in the process of his wife divorcing him, last year he was working on a machine and someone turned it on and 4 of his 5 fingers were chopped off. His kids never visit him, and he has next to no relationship with his parents or siblings. He is alone, hurt, and in pain. That night we introduced the restored gospel to him and brought the spirit into his home. We helped him feel the love that God, his heavenly father has for him. anyway gtg out of time! lOVE YOU!
Elder Wade
Hi Mom! Man i did not realize how much i had grown to love the people i spent so much time studying for, praying with, and teaching. I was not expecting it to effect me so much, but it literally felt like my heart broke when i left. My new companion is awesome! He is VERY quiet and reminds me a lot of Elder Sparks who i trained back in Kimberly. He has such a pure heart and powerful spirit! This new area is great! It might take some time to get things going, and as much as i miss BSU right now i am so excited to be here! Elder Yarber and i actually got to speak yesterday, Easter Sunday! Elder Yarber spoke on the Prince of Peace easter video and talked about how had it has been for him to leave, but that just as nephi states in 1 Nephi 3:7 he knows that through Christ’s atonement there is no commandment that he can not do! I, of course, spoke on the atonement as well.  I read “The Parable of The Push Ups” and i was unusually emotional while reading it and just cried my eyes out. I remember shortly before chelsea leaving for her mission i gave an FHE lesson and for my lesson we read that story…

… love you mom!
Elder Wade
p.s. the people in these pictures are from Bosie. they are very special to me and i will have to tell you about them when i get home!

nathan april 17 2017 1nathan april 17 2017 2nathan april 17 2017 3nathan april 17 2017 4nathan april 17 2017 5


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