May 1, 2017

Hey Fam!

Amazing week! After emailing last monday Elder Yarber, I, and a handful of other missionaries went to go find some “secret, hidden, caves” in the countryside north of Paul, ID. We got totally lost and essentially ended up going mudding all day(because it rained hardcore the day before and north of Paul is all dirt roads (more like trails) that are driven on about 3x a year. And 2x of the 3x is from missionaries getting lost trying to find the “secret, hidden, caves”…. The sister missionaries that were driving a little Chevy Cruze got stuck in the mud so we spend a lot of time pushing them around until we decided to give them our 4 wheeler jeep and we just hopped in with the other Elders. I think that the “secret” about the caves is that they dont exist…. but if they do we will find them!
Elder Yarber and i had the incredible opportunity of going to the temple on Wednesday, April 26th. The Temple is literally the House of God and it is where we go to seek refuge from the storms of life and cleansing from a world of sin. It is where we go to learn more about our relationship to God and what he wants for us, all of his children.
Saturday we were honored to be a part of and witness the baptism of Raquel. She is the sweetest 11 year old girl in the world! she has such a pure heart and loving spirit. She radiates with the light of Christ! She was so excited to be able to take Christ’s name upon her. To be chosen to represent him and stand in his place. For when one is baptized they are saying that they will do their very best to stand where Christ stands, to say what he would say and do what he would do.
Sunday (yesterday) Elder Yarber and i knocked on the door of George Kawamoto. George is 92 years old and he is going strong! When we first knocked on the door i could tell he wasn’t going to let us in so i asked if i could use his bathroom. While i was in the restroom (taking my time), Elder Yarber was warming George’s heart and by the time i came back out they were sitting on the couch talking away. I sat down and we started asking questions and talking about his family. I asked if he had any pictures of his family and he pointed to a book shelf where i went over and found 5 large Photo albums full of pictures! We spend about an hour just sitting there going through his legacy and talking about life. He lived in a small town in Oregon until WWII broke out where he was placed in a concentration camp in Hunt, Idaho (a SUPER small town that is apart of our area we work in). He loved it so much in Idaho that after they were released he stayed and settled here with his family! We learned, as we ask questions about the different photographs, that his wife had died over 30 years ago and we started talking about our life after this earth. We promised his that he can be with his wife again and that she is, right now, waiting for him. He said he had never looked at it that way and he didnt believe in Heaven. By the time we left thought he said, “you know i am getting pretty old… maybe it is time for me to start thinking a little more about what happens when we die.”
I love you all and i know that through Jesus Christ we will all live again and through the merits and mercy of our saviors atonement we can all be with our families for eternity and not only live with, but be like God Forever!
Elder Wade

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