May 8, 2017


Such a fun week! Last monday after emailing Elder Yarber and I, along with 16 other missionaries, all crammed into a bus and we went to the City of Rocks to go hike around and have some fun. It was such a blast! It reminded me a lot of “Rock City” on Mt Diablo back home. Got me missing rock climbing, etc… quiet a bit and i was thinking about it and realized that as much as i might miss doing all that stuff right now, i dont miss it nearly as much as i know i am going to miss being a full time missionary for God.
I read a scripture this week. One that i had read before, but had long forgotten. The original text is found in the words of Isaiah of the Old Testament which the prophet Nephi quotes in the Book of Mormon. He asks the sobering question, “Shall the ax boast itself against him that heweth therewith? Shall the saw magnify itself against him that shaketh it?” We are all merely instruments in Gods hands. Though it is easy to see that it is foolishness to say that an ax or saw could boast of or magnify itself, but for some reason we as human beings have the tendency to honor ourselves and to take credit for the work of God merely because we are the tool that he decides to use. Truly it is a great miracle that God is even able to find a way to use the dull, rusty, broken tools that we all our and then we have the audacity to claim, after the miracle is performed, that it was us who deserves the credit! I am so grateful for a God that has been so merciful and patient towards me, the undeserving child i am. For taking the time to humble me when he finds me forgetting that i am nothing more than an ax (and not a very good one at that).
This week we were able to witness and be apart of the baptism of Carson Mai. What an incredible young boy and amazing parents that raised him!
Love you all and have a great week!
Elder Wade
p.s. Happy Mothers day to all you moms. I recently had a birthday and i have always thought it was weird that the child was celebrated and given gifts on that day when we all know that it was the mother that did all the work. Maybe it should be us giving the gifts on our birthdays instead of receiving…
p.s.s. Sorry to all you out there who did not get to have my mom as theirs because there is none greater than her.


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