May 22, 2017-Catchin Sun and Losing Keys

Hey Fam!

What a great week! Monday I went fishing for the first time ever in my entire life. I didn’t catch any fish, but i caught plenty of sun! Im pretty sure that my upper arms saw the sun for the first time in like 20 months… Is it weird for a sunburn to remind you of home?
Sense Elder Yarber and I have been here in Paul, we have been cleansing the apartment from the last year of girls living there. We threw away two couches, two recliners, an elliptical machine, 5 chairs, and a church pew strait from the 70’s. We threw all that stuff in our garage and on Wednesday a guy came by with a trailer and we loaded everything up and took it to a landfill to dump it. We left for the dump around 1:30 and we got home around 5 (and the dump is only 15 minutes away….). While we were in the process of tossing everything, the guy that took us also threw out his keys. At first he thought he might have locked them in the trailer after we emptied it so we went and got some bolt cutters to break the lock, but the guy snapped the bolt cutters instead of the bolt…. (this “guy” that took us is  an ex cop that served on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s security detail for 8 yrs… so he is jacked. After he snapped the cutters in half some workers came up with a grinder to grind off the lock. After doing so we got in the trailer to find nothing… we then spent another 2 hours digging through the trash looking for this key. Lets just say we ended up needing to get a ride home from someone else.
Oh man i am out of time…. well i got to go right now, but i will talk to you next week. Love you!
Oh and i also got to meet my 2nd and 3rd cousins this last week who live in the Paul area!
Elder Wade


nathan may 22 2017 3

Me trying to take a video journal but it was on picture mode…

nathan may 22 2017 2Me with the cousins

Nathan may 22 2017 1

Elder Yarber


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