June 12, 2017-EVERYONE and ALL

Hey Fam!

So I got a new companion (long story), Elder Rust, we actually came out together. He is a spanish missionary so its been super nice because there are so many Hispanics. I have been doing language study with him so we will see how much I can learn while we are temporarily together.
Miracles from the week:
A couple of days ago we were driving down the road and saw someone outside so we went and talked to her and long story short she is a member of the church with a child that wants to get baptized and she wasnt sure what she had to do for him to get baptized. We told her that we were out of our area and were not the missionaries that worked in that city, but we talked to the missionaries and sent them over to teach them.
The next day we were driving down the road and saw a guy in his driveway cleaning out his car so we stopped to talk. He is an active member of the church and he told us we should go inside to say Hello to his parents. We walked in and started talking the them and the dad started tearing up and said that there was a family that he had been praying for and yesterday, for the first time, he prayed that the missionaries would come so he could talk to them about the family and then we showed up the next day. We were also outside of our area when we stopped to talk to them so we told them that we would send the missionaries over that covered that area so they could talk to them about the family.
The day after that we were driving along and saw two women sitting outside on the lawn and we pulled over to talk to them. As we walked up I said we saw them and felt like we should come over and talk to them and she just started crying saying that just the week before her husband, out of nowhere, up and left her and her daughter, and she had been praying for help and she just went on saying that we were the answer to her prayers and that God sent us to help her.
Anyway just about out of time. I know that the the good news of Jesus Christ is real and that complete access to His gift can only be found in the restored church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know that I am nothing and that I am one of the small and simple things. I am the rustiest tool in the shed, but somehow he is able to use me to do his work as I act in faith and talk to EVERYONE I see. I love you and pray that you will reach out of your comfort zone and find someone this week to talk to and uplift.
Elder Wade

nathan june 12 2017 1

my new comp


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