July 11, 2017-Mitch and Melons

Hey everyone!

What an incredible week! Oh first off I got a new companion, Elder Bastian, from Sierra Vista, Arizona. Its practically mexico, but he doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish. Elder Bastian is pretty much the best. He plays tennis and we run at about the same pace so we’ve been kicking each others butts every morning on our runs.


We are going to try to go play tennis one of these preparation days. I told him I wasn’t any good, but i let slip that my dad and brother are both really good and ive played a bit with them so he got super excited. I hope he is ready to be disappointed.


They day after Elder Bastian got to the area we found out we were moving (finally!) from Heyburn to Hazelton so we spent most of our weekend moving and cleaning. We still taught all of our appointments and found a new guy named Mitch that wants us to teach him.


Mitch grew up devout Baptist, but he hasn’t been to church in a while. He was asking what was different from us and other Christians and what it was we did at our church every Sunday. I was about to tell him, but the spirit told me not to and the next thing I knew I asked him if he wanted to go tour the church instead. the last place we went was the chapel and we started talking to him about the sacrament and what it means. The spirit was so strong and he asked if we would come back. We gave him a little book and video explaining what makes us different and set up an appointment to go back and talk about what he read/watched.


Oh i almost forgot! I had yellow watermelon last week! it looked like, felt like, and tasted like watermelon, but it was yellow. super cool! anyway love you all and hope you make it a great week! Remember, it is impossible to know of spiritual truths without prayer.

Elder Wade

p.s. the random pic of the peacock last week was because i saw them and thought of my grandma and papa’s house back home and the pic of the parked cars was me practicing my parking for when I get back home to California.

nathan july 7 2017 1nathan july 7 2017 2

nathan July 11 2017 1nathan july 11 2017 2


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