July 17, 2017-Forgive

Where to begin! I hesitate to even mention some of the experiences from this week because I know I will not be able to adequately describe the spirit and power that was there.

We taught a family where the dad is a baptized member of the church, but no one else in the family is and mom has been SO close to baptism for months now. We went over and were meeting with them and I got the impression that the thing that was stopping her from moving forward in her spiritual journey was that she had unresolved feelings of anger and contention. I was impressed that she struggles with forgiving other for their wrongs against her. I opened my mouth and told her what I was feeling.

As I began speaking she broke into tears and said she knew that it is something she struggles with. We shared with her the parable of the unmerciful servant found in the book of the New Testament (if you unfamiliar with the parable I would implore you to read it… found in Matthew 18: 23-35). We told her that until she can learn to forgive others that she will never be ready for baptism and won’t be able to feel the joy and peace the good news of Jesus Christ brings. We told her it was mockery before God and a desecration of Christ’s sacrifice to dwell on and dig up the past sins of others that Christ himself died for. She asked us how she could learn to forgive others and let things go. We opened up to the Book of Mormon and told her to “pray unto the father with all the energy of heart…” We also shared that it is only those who receive forgiven that will want to give forgiveness.

Well I am out of time so I guess it will just be that first story. Love you all and hope you choose to make it a good week!

Elder Wade

nathan july 17 2017 2


nathan july 17 2017 3nathan july 17 2017 4nathan july 17 2017 5

Pics from hiking last Monday


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