July 3, 2017-bobcats and fouls of the air

Hola mi familia!!

I still dont know any spanish at all… like i needed my companion to tell my how to spell the foregoing statement. I should probably try to finish learning english before I start on another language… its kind of like those people (mom) who start a project and 20% of the way through it they start another one and the next thing they know they have 7 projects going on and none of them are done. I digress.
This week was awesome! I always seem to forget what I did the week before whenever I go to email, but I do remember a couple three things.
Sidenote: so i guess ive been learning another language, idahoan: an american dialect deriving from the English Language. “couple three” is one of the many idahoan terms I have learned in my time here. I guess all you really have to do to speak Idahoan is throw grammar and pronunciation out the window and then your good, but it can be surprisingly hard to master… I digress again.
This week I got me meet Baby Girl. Baby Girl is a bobcat. Bobcats are really just giant cats. Kind of how possums are just giant rats. She jumps 10 feet high at a stand still and is rather feisty. Reminds me a little bit of my sister (ill let them figure out which one).
As missionaries the people in the community like inviting us over for dinner and we usually get invited over to be fed almost every night. When we do not receive an invitation to eat with anyone we feed ourselves. The other month my companion and I decided that whenever we didn’t get invited over for dinner we would just skip dinner and use the extra time to go talk to more people, but for some reason whenever we dont have a dinner set up and we go to talk to someone. Either they ask us if we are hungry (and i cant lie) or someone calls us and asks if we need to be fed. So anyway this last week we had 3 nights where we didnt have any meal invitations and of course we ended up getting fed all 3 of those nights. God truly provides for his missionaries…
anyway love you all and hope your week was almost as great as mine (because lets be honest unless your another full time missionary out there your week was not as good as ours)!
Elder Wade
p.s. if you dont understand the last half of this emails subjects then you need to read your Bible & Book of Mormon more.

nathan july 3 2017 1nathan july 3 2017 2nathan july 3 2017 3nathan may 30 2017 3


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